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Presented at All London Branch of Association for Language Learning as part of the TILT (Technology in Language Teaching) Webinar Series. – 23 July 2020

Association for Language Learning – webinar page.



Presented at DCG Spotlight on Digital Capabilities (3) – 24 – 25 May 2017

Feedback that I received from this talk:
15 people thought the content – Excellent/ 19 people – Good/ 3 – Fair/ 1 – Poor 🙁
Comments – “The session was titled ‘How students’ use of digital media is challenging assessment,’ but there was no coverage of the assessment aspects – just a series of examples of work.” “Particularly liked the examples he showed e.g. NS study on fire recovery – photos submitted by visitors”

My aim was to show examples of how students are using media to form part of the assessment of their learning, I think I probably need to drill down into the examples to show the relative merits and pitfalls of such an approach and why this is “challenging” assessment. A fair comment I think and really helpful in refining the presentation.