I’m Stephan, a Content Creator, and Educator, I’m interested in the adoption of new technologies in teaching and learning. I’m a Teaching Professor and help students and others to create digital content to tell stories.

I very much enjoy making things. I think that it’s a good way to learn, especially if you learn to experiment and fail.  I like to paint and draw, I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading books, and cycling;  although it’s always a battle to find quality time to do these things. That’s perhaps why it is so rewarding when you do.

These things tend to inform my teaching, which I think is more craft than science, although science always keeps you on the right track. I want my students to enjoy their courses and I’m interested in playful experiential learning. I also believe that education can be a force for good, so I encourage my students to see themselves as agents for social change.

I have created these pages to support my scholarly work and develop my teaching practice. Please feel free to get in touch on Twitter @dotsandspaces and subscribe to my weekly newsletter dotsandspaces.substack.com/

Stephan Caspar