I’m a filmmaker and educator, I’m interested in new technologies, our relationship to them and how they’re used in teaching and learning. In my day job I help people create content, tell stories and pick up useful skills.

I really like drawing and building things. I think that it’s good to learn new things, sometimes you need to keep practicing and keep doing. That way you’ll learn so much that helps you improve and feel rewarded about every step forward.

I like urban sketching, podcasting, reading books and cycling although it’s always a battle to find quality time to do these things. That’s perhaps why it is so rewarding when you do.

These things tend to inform my teaching, which I think is more craft than science, although the science always keeps you on the right track. I want my students to feel good about the course and enjoy their learning.

I have created these pages to support my studies and develop my practice.

Stephan Caspar