2023 Future

Looking ahead to the next five years at Carnegie Mellon University, my goal is to establish further the reputation of the Global Languages & Cultures Room and support the Department of Modern Languages as a leader in applied language studies. Using media creation, students can explore the intersection of language, culture, and identity. The positive feedback received at the MLA conference indicates that our department is at the forefront of immersive technology use within the Department of Modern Languages context. The potential for project-based learning in the humanities and support for digital scholarship is unmatched.

Students at the ICI Funded – Manual Cinema Workshop June 2022

I will continue seeking development opportunities, including support from organizations like the NCFDD, MLA, AAAL, CALICO, and ACTFL, which provide assistance to academics at different career stages. I am committed to supporting teachers and contributing significant value in the area of immersive storytelling.

I am grateful for the support and encouragement I have received and consider it a privilege to work alongside brilliant and dedicated colleagues who generously contribute their time and energy to new initiatives. Their guidance and encouragement have fostered innovative thinking and resource utilization to bring projects to fruition.