Course Syllabi

The following links to google docs with current syllabi and resources from courses that I teach. Some of the information is standard at Carnegie Mellon University where I teach, but otherwise, you are free to take a look and re-use material.

On my list is to create pages on this site specifically for each course and I will try to complete this work (update September 2021).

82:284 Multicultural Pittsburgh: Exploring Language and Culture through Virtual Reality

99.520 Digital Storytelling: Language, culture, and identity

82.888 Language Learning and Technology

82.288 Everyday Learning: Designing learning experiences in times of unrest and uncertainty

I would love to hear from you if you would like to talk more about the course that you are designing, there is more material but much of this is in Canvas and I’m not able to share openly at this stage, I am happy however to share as much as possible.