About me

Hi, currently I lead the Digital Learning team who create engaging, high quality content that supports academics, whether video, multimedia, audio or enhanced learning packages. The team has produced work for MOOCs, online courses and all aspects of teaching & learning. I’m interested in encouraging students to use media for assignment submission and to evidence learning.

I joined the University of Southamtpon in May 2014, after working in FE as a Head of Creative Arts which included Gaming & Computing, Enterprise, Fine Art and Performing Arts for the past seven years. There I focussed on teaching & learning, working to ensure every student had a rich, broad and exciting experience throughout their programme of study. I created a yearly festival of new technology and gaming, inviting students throughout the region to bring their ideas to life and take control of their learning.

Initially, I trained as a filmmaker, working in feature film production before moving to the BBC and into documentary. I worked for BBC People as a Content Producer for Informal Learning, creating online films on subjects as diverse as philosophy, journalism, values and ethics.

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